Welcome to Hopeville

TanTate Innovative Solutions Inc. is a place where Hope and Excellence meet.  Helping Others Prevail Everyday through innovation, creativity and unique products and services.  We are a company dedicated to giving our customers the hope and peace they deserve to enjoy the people and things they love. We put The Extra In Your Ordinary, restoring hope in man by providing Faith Based Entertainment, Life Coaching services, Work from Home opportunities, Community Outreach, Life Skill resources and other products and services rooted in biblical principles. Life often comes at you fast and in the blink of an eye, things change so it’s crucial to stop and enjoy it. With TanTate Innovative Solutions Inc., you can do just that.

Our mission Helping Others Prevail Everyday guides in creating unique opportunities that allow our customers to experience the best in life. We dive deep into the issues that impact families, communities and everyday living. Luby’s House of Hope (501c) nonprofit is a place where abused women can come and enjoy safety, Hope and Peace Broadcast Network (HPTV our channel on Roku) is a place where the entire family can be entertained through various shows with messages of Hope and Peace. Peace Be Still Ministry is dedicated to providing resources to the Homeless community, to bring messages of Peace for a hurting world. Often times we need to find hope, through our Certified Master Life Coach (The Hope Coach) we are able to be a source and resource for those stuck in life.  There is nothing like being your own boss, through a partnership initiative we provide work at home opportunities. 

The HPTV 360 Photo Booth Rental Services allows you to create and capture memories that tell a story. It’s easy, fun, elegant. Perfect for your special occasion.

Founded by Tanye Tate in 2019, the company is growing, and developing products and services to provide families and communities with innovative solutions that thrive in Hope, Peace, Fun, and Life. Learn more about Tan’s journey at

Our Mission

To be the trendsetter of HOPE, making it accessible and sustainable to all people globally.

Our Vision

To bring hope to every person in the world to know “All their days are Good, some are just better.”